On Episode 7 of Two Roads, gymnastics legend Liang Chow shows us the importance of a well-­rounded coaching strategy. Gymnastics isn’t just about mastering your skills, but also about how you prepare yourself for life’s toughest battles.

The next Episode of “Two Roads” will feature para sprinter, Trenten Merrill, premiering Tuesday, July 12.


“Two Roads” is an 11­-part original series that profiles eleven athletes and one coach who have made the commitment to pursue greatness.
Each episode will showcase an athlete’s unique journey within their sport, and truly define the life­-changing moments that led them to the path they currently walk.

“Two Roads” features the stories of athletes Bob and Mike Bryan, Paul Rabil, Britney Henry, Kristian Ipsen, Carlin Isles, Trenten Merrill, Casey Patterson, Allison Stokke, Miles Chamley-Watson, Meagan Martin, and Coach Liang Chow.

New Episodes of “Two Roads” will be released every other Tuesday, starting Tuesday, April 5th.

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