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@BrandonLiUnscripted is back with 20 cinematic shots to get your creative juices FLOWing! All of these incredible shots are possible with your smartphone, the AI tracking smartphone stabilizer Insta360 Flow and some impressive footwork πŸ‘£ Try them out!

Get your Insta360 Flow: https://bit.ly/yt_FlowLaunch
Invisible Selfie Stick: https://store.insta360.com/product/selfie_stick?c=2141&from=nav

0:00 Intro
0:27 Runway Walk
0:51 Super Spin Around
1:29 Stargazing Spin
1:53 Front Power Walk
2:13 Side Power Walk
2:26 Side Power Walk (3x Lens)
2:46 Following Power Walk
3:13 Power Push In
3:26 Cinderella Stairs
3:49 Moody Skyscraper
4:21 Turn and Look
5:02 Cinematic Subway (walking)
5:15 Cinematic Subway (waiting)
5:37 Cinematic Subway (riding)
5:57 Overhead Shot
6:17 Drone Follow
6:34 Drone Pull Back
6:50 Drone Pass By
7:07 Deep Track 3.0
7:35 Deep Track 3.0 (TimeShift)

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