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You guys have been asking for this one 🌊 A clip that has featured in our main promo material for a while, so here is a tutorial on how to get this insane viral water tunnel shot!

Grab your Insta360 GO 3 and let’s get you a video worthy of going viral! https://bit.ly/Insta360_GO3

0:00 Intro to shot
0:43 Optimal shot settings
01:01 Setting up
01:27 Performing the shot
01:46 Editing
02:09 Final result

πŸ“Έ @onihoironi

*Please note this is a special case of using GO 3! Perform this with care, do not tighten too much.

#Insta360 #Insta360GO3 #waterslide #videography #viralvideo #shorts #howto #tutorial #halloween #skibiditoilet

πŸ“Tiu Kelep, #Lombok, #Indonesia

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