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There’s nothing better than a vacation. Even better is a dynamic video to look back at! πŸ–οΈ

@BrandonLiUnscripted is back with an Insta360 X3 masterclass and 22 creative shots to film your travels! Try these awesome shots and transitions when sightseeing, diving or eating. Remember your Invisible Dive Case for seamless underwater shots and Invisible Selfie Stick for epic third-person perspectives!

0:00 Intro
0:38 Invisible Selfie Sticks
1:02 Bike Shots
2:29 Invisible Dive Case
3:36 Underwater Shots
5:05 Food Shots
6:09 Shots Around Town

Grab your Insta360 camera and accessories:
X3: https://bit.ly/X3_yt
X3 Invisible Dive Kit: https://bit.ly/DiveKit_yt
X3 Invisible Dive Case: https://store.insta360.com/product/x3-invisible-dive-case?c=2441&from=nav
Extended Edition Selfie Stick: https://store.insta360.com/product/Extended_Edition_Selfie_Stick?c=1344&from=nav
114cm Invisible Selfie Stick: https://store.insta360.com/product/selfie_stick?c=2141&from=nav

πŸ“#Florida 🌴

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