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We had to get the BTS and settings for this insane drift run at Laguna Seca from @AlexeyOrlov-CINE

All captured on the Insta360 X3, we’ve got this quick video diving into how that sick drift run was achieved!

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Huge shout out to @AlexeyOrlov-CINE and @mattfield777 again for filming this one and the drivers involved!

00:00 Preparing X3 and Lexi Mount
02:01 Insta360 X3 Shot Settings
02:18 Setting Up for the Drift Run
02:47 Reviewing Drift Footage
03:26 Insta360 Studio Download Guide
03:42 Importing and Cropping Footage in Studio
03:56 Working in Premiere
05:57 Transition Shot Breakdowns

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