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Shop the all-new Insta360 Sphere: https://bit.ly/Sphere_yt

Meet Insta360 Sphere – the invisible drone 360 cam! Elevate your creativity and transform your aerial videography content πŸ™Œ

βœ… Invisible Drone: Precisely designed to become a truly invisible drone.
βœ… 5.7K 360 Video: Glorious, uninterrupted 360 views.
βœ… 360 Reframing: Fly first, frame up your shots later.
βœ… FlowState Stabilization: Smooth footage on every flight.
βœ… Unique Content Production: Endless ways to create killer content.
βœ… Easy Installation: Sleek, unibody structure. Compatible with Mavic Air 2/2S.
βœ… Safe Flight: Lens guards and landing pad included.
βœ… Powerful Mobile Editing Suite

Available on store.insta360.com

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