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The Connect IQ™ Store is the place where you download free apps, widgets and more to personalize your device. It’s also the one-stop platform you’ll use to manage all your downloads.

• All-in-one store where you can personalize your compatible device¹ by downloading free apps, widgets, watch faces, data fields and even apps for music streaming services
• Downloads are sent wirelessly¹ to your device
• Devices that support Connect IQ include Garmin wearables and
cycling computers
• New apps, widgets, data fields and watch faces are constantly
being added to the store, bringing you more ways to enhance your
performance and everyday life
• Easy-to-use app shows popular and highly rated apps; also allows
you to search and sort by category
• Choose any photo from your smartphone, adjust the style, and set it as your watch face

¹When paired with a compatible Garmin device

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