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Learn how to get started with the Adventure Race activity on your compatible Garmin smartwatch.

For additional information on Adventure Race, see https://support.garmin.com/?faq=Lmyhw4JHQDAXVFYMZ98Hl7

For more help, visit http://support.garmin.com
0:00 – Intro
0:24 – What is Adventure Race?
0:47 – Adding Adventure Race to your Activities List
1:49 – Starting an Adventure Race Activity
2:29 – Preset Adventure Race Data Screen Review
3:13 – Charging the Watch During Activity
4:10 – Action Menu
4:36 – Controls Menu
5:06 – Ending the Activity & Verification
5:37 – Review Verification History

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A.I Beta Tester Rewards Program
1.Login 2.Connect 3.Earn Rewards

A.I Beta Testers Wanted
1.Login 2.Connect 3.Earn Rewards

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