Magix Movie Edit Pro Version tested: 2013 Premium

Magix Movie Edit ProVersions available: 2013, 2013 Plus, 2013 Premium. Now goes up to version 18.

Interface And Workflow

We’ve included this more advanced product as the recent price level (reductions of 50% on standard retail price) is bring it in reach of an amateur. Crop, split, and move your files around with ease, and drop and drag on to one of three work-flow interfaces. Timeline, Storyboard or Scene are the view options in this package and there is a large catalog of over 1000 templates, effects and audio clips to build up a professional looking movie.

Some thoughtful touches like the multi-cam editing, which synchronizes footage of a single scene taken from two cameras by aligning the soundtracks, gives confidence that this is a well thought through product. Stability seems a strong point as processing appears smooth and response time is good whilst moving assets and rendering. We can’t say that everything is at your fingertips as the icons appear quite small, sometimes making it difficult to find the tooling you are looking for. Video/audio files can be previewed cleanly before importing, and switching mode to get an overview of a project is instantaneous.

Color correction adjustments is impressive and easy access to them improves the overall work-flow during production. Professional looking templates are at hand, however if you want to access the full library of additional material you may have to spend a while on line to download it.

Learning support for Magix Movie Edit is available on their official YouTube channel, with a multitude of tutorials to help you reproduce the kind of effects that are within the capabilities of this product. Further technical support is available upon registration with free 12 month ‘Premium Support’.



Importing and Exporting

Full HD capacity for goes without saying when wanting to use GoPro footage, and this software promises to import mp4 directly, which it handled for us without any problems. This saves considerable time (and drive space) in the total process, as there is no need to pass through the GoPro CineForm conversion stage. Most video editing suites now claim some kind of enhanced programming to reduce the drain on system resources, especially during final render and export and Magix Movie Pro is no different. It did a good job, quickly rendering some panning, zooming, and fading projects that we ran through it.



Initially a little daunting for a beginner as the Premium version is maybe targeted towards more experienced users, however those wishing to persevere may reap the benefits of this well-priced product.


  • Over 1000 templates, effects, and audio clips.
  • High community subscription.


  • Time spent downloading content could be a drag.

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